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"My daughter really enjoys Star Academy of Performance, and has grown in self-confidence. Jason and the other teachers create just the right atmosphere for performing and this can be seen in their excellent end-of-year productions. Maggie Neathey"

"Our 8 year old daughter attended Star Academy's Summer workshop and had a great time. The first day she was a little nervous, as she did not know what to expect; day 2 saw her up and out of bed early because she was so excited by the prospect of another day acting! It has done wonders for her self confidence and given her the strength to try new things. She learnt new skills and made good friends along the way.We are all looking forward to the next one.

Helen Cooper-Harding"

"My daughter absolutely loves Star Academy!She has attended for a couple of years and during that time has been a part of some wonderful productions.It is lead with vision,expertise and ambition!The productions are imaginative and professional and above all ,the kids and young adults seem to have a brilliant time!It is fantastic to see a group of young people ,both boys and girls,mixed ages ,all enjoying themselves in a very positive setting.Cannot wait to see them all in the next production! Jo Claydon (Parent)"

"My daughter has been going for over a year and loves it. Jason and his Team are brilliant with them I recommend star academy to anyone."Sharon McKeown (Parent)

"Star Academy is really good because I get to do so much like fun games, dancing and acting. But I also learn so much more than just dancing and acting. It's really fun. I'll never quit, even if my friends do! It doesn't matter how old you are, you'll have a good time. It's not scary and you become more confident. It's not just dance, it's much more than that."Sophie Rout (Pupil)

"My daughter dances around the house singing at the top of her voice! STARs has helped channel that energy into something positive and creative. She really looks forward to the weekly class, and my husband and I were so impressed when we saw our first Star Academy of performance show, brought tears to the eyes...

So much time goes into choosing and teaching the perfect material for the children. Fun, challenging, creative – makes me wish there was a Star Academy for Mums!"Elaine Cusack (Parent)

"My daughters have been going for nearly 4 years now. They have grown so much in confidence and enjoy the fun in lessons. Encouragement from the teachers is endless! Jason is a fab singing teacher and I would of never expected my daughter to sing in front of people - all down to the brilliant teachers :-) All shows are amazing too!"Louise Gallagher (Parent)

"Star academy and Film club have given my daughter the confidence and skills she needs to follow her dreams and have a real chance of achieving them. More importantly she has made friends for life and learnt many invaluable life lessons about herself, friendship and relationships. This is more than a club, its a fun and positive life experience and one which I would highly recommend for any child who wants to find themselves through performing either for fun, future career or both."Petula Bladden (Parent)

""STAR Academy of Performance is professionally run by people who really care about the children they are teaching. I have been amazed by the high standard of each of their performances. Jason and his team are committed to excellence and it really shows, time and time again.""Nicky Empson (Parent)

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